We are


a WebXR platform that loves to craft experiences for the immersive web.


About us

SuperCruisr is a web based platform that can be accessed from any browser on any device.

Our focus is to show users the possibilities WebXR has created and the power of using it for communication, brand expereinces or story telling. Our page consists of some of our own demo projects and tools to help you get started on your own. What to expect when going into a WebXR project demo:

In augmented reality mode the device you’re using will need to access your camera and possible your microphone in cases where there is voice commands or interaction available. This includes wearable tech such as mixed reality glasses or headsets.

In cases where the browser does not have access to the camera or microphone as in the case with a desktop PC. You will experience the overlaid virtual world in a recreated virtual environment on your screen.